Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience

Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience

We have known to be blunt, today we live in a new world of luxury cannabis. With recreational use of marijuana now legal in over 11 US states and Washington, DC, upscale retailers are becoming more mindful and creating elevated cannabis experiences. For many, the overall mission is to change the visual narrative behind cannabis use, whether it is for medical, self-care, or recreational. The more it is accepted the more it is less stigmatized. The Pass, a “farm-to-label” adult-use cannabis provider has opened an airy modern barn-style boutique shop in Berkshire County. Keep this place in mind for your upcoming Upstate escape. You must be 21 and over to visit, so remember to carry ID (an out-of-state ID is OK).

Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience
Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience

Overlapping New York and Connecticut borders, The Pass is located on Route 7 and welcomes neighboring out-of-state recreational customers. For those in NYC, it is the closest adult-use cannabis dispensary. The open lofty space is highly curated with Pass and preferred partner products to captivate the needs of both the experienced and novice customer. The Pass, which stands for permission, community and evolution is a mindful and elevated cannabis experience. It is designed to be modest and tasteful and to create products that provide individuals with inspiration, relaxation, relief and stimulation.

Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience

Walls are adorned with local art, and a digital menu that explains the chemical content of each offering. Exposed wood tables display enclosed ancillary cannabis laced products like vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and topicals that are all produced at the company’s processing facility.

Where To Get A Luxe Cannabis Experience

To help with your goal, products are fashioned and packaged in brilliant color codes: From warm tones illustrating the spectrum for sativa, or sativa-leaning strains, cycling to cool tones of indica-leaning and indica strains. So, whether you’re a first-timer, or not, this is a great educational tool.

On site, are cannabis consultants, or budtenders, that are extremely knowledgeable and can assist consumers with their objective that will tailor to their needs. Since the retail space is adjacent to the lab, the dispensary staff is able to communicate directly with the processing team regarding specific products. Now that’s what I call luxe shopping experience.

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The Pass | Cannabis in The Berkshires
1375 N Main St.
Sheffield, MA 01257
(413) 644-6892

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