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This Restaurant The Best Spot For Inexpensive And Good Sushi In NYC For New Yorkers, grabbing sushi for lunch or dinner is the norm and easy to encounter a package of California rolls or Sashimi at your local bodega. But good sushi? That is a category onto itself. Eating good sushi means you are paying a hefty bill, especially with the exceedingly expensive omakase restaurants becoming wildly popular. So where to dine and not go bankrupt? Sushi Sushi NYC. With two locations in the city serving iconic neighborhoods, Harlem and the West Village, means this Asian fusion establishment is providing high quality sushi at an affordable price to the masses. Founded by Accountant turned Sushi Connoisseur Igor Grinberg, all fish is sourced locally at the Fulton Fish Market several times a week. “I saw a niche for high quality sushi, because people wanted better quality than 50% off sushi and supermarket sushi”. In addition to the traditional offerings, Sushi Sushi NYC has put a spin on childhood faves. A PB & J is created with peanut butter and jelly rolled up with the crust cut off, and Hostess’ cult treat; Twinkies is deep fried into a Tempura. In addition to the traditional rolls like California or cucumber, order their Signature Rolls such as the Spicy Delight Roll consisting of spicy tuna, avocado topped with spicy salmon and tobiko drizzled with their special sauce, or the Yellow Taxi roll consisting of shrimp, tempura, and mango topped with spicy yellowtail with crunch, jalapenos and tobiko sprinkled with spicy sauce. Sushi Sushi 126 MacDougal Street New York, NY 10012 1504 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10031
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