These Beverages Will Help You Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s How To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

We know 2020 was challenging for many, creating opportunities for unhealthy bingeing and stress eating which is harmful to our eating patterns. If you are looking to rebuild a healthy relationship with food, Bolthouse Farms has a surefire approach to help kick start living a healthy lifestyle in the New Year. Their delightful line of beverages and products focus on wellness, immunity boosting, and plant-based options tailored to your busy schedule. Potions including Protein Keto, as well as Vegetable and Fruit drinks are just a few exciting offerings to help promote your well-being.

Protein Keto Coconut

Coconut is a delicious and powerful source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which help the body stay in ketosis. Consuming coconut may improve cholesterol levels and help decrease belly fat, which is a risk factor for heart disease.


C-Boot is 100% fruit juice smoothie involving pear, apple, acerola cherries and mango that provide an excellent source of vitamin C.

Carrot Ginger Turmeric

Known as the innovation leader in growing distributing carrots, we know this beverage will be a winner. Putting a twist on their traditional carrot juice by enhancing it with ginger and turmeric created an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin A as well as supporting an anti-inflammatory diet.

Green Goodness

This 100% fruit juice smoothie is the perfect combination of sippable ingredients involving apple, mango, kiwi and spinach that is jammed packed with a good source of vitamins C and B12.

Beginning January 11- January 15 the brand will be launching a sweepstakes on Instagram called, “Don’t Get Caught Naked to get fans to share their wildest ‘caught naked” stories from 2020 and pledge to not get caught in 2021. Select fans who share their story will receive an on-demand delivery of a week’s supply of Bolthouse Farms beverages and a gift pack with a coupon for more Bolthouse Farms products and exclusive “Don’t Get Caught Naked swag. Cheers to a healthy New Year!

Don't Get Caught Naked Without Bolthouse Farms For A Healthy Lifestyle

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