Here’s How To Cure Your Holiday Hangover This Weekend

Here’s Our Holiday Hangover Remedy To Get You Through This Weekend

Chances are if you don’t remember much from last night and need sunglasses to open the fridge this morning means you probably had way too much to drink. Don’t worry, you are not alone. This year saw a spike in alcohol sales as the world had to face the coronavirus pandemic. So, to help you feel a little better today, and to kick start a healthy New Year, we wanted to share the best remedies for your hangover this weekend. For starters, there is no cure for a hangover, however there are certain ingredients that will assist in alleviating some of the symptoms you may be experiencing this morning like that headache. Too much booze can trigger an inflammatory response as well as irritate the stomach lining and lead to dehydration. You will feel better sooner by consuming the right food and beverage.

This Vita Coco Hangover Recovery Kit Is How To Cure Your Holiday Hangover This Weekend

Vita Coco x Postmates

Leading coconut water brand, Vita Coco has teamed up with delivery App Postmates to give out free Hangover Recovery Kits to New Yorkers on January 1, also known as National Hangover Day. The limited-edition kits include all the feel-food essentials including: Vita Coco coconut water, packed with potassium and electrolytes for extra hydration. Also, a toasty breakfast sandwich, Banila Skincare to freshen up, comfy socks to keep your feet warm, and one free month ofObé Fitness for when you find any motivation to get off the couch. For every kit distributed, Vita Coco will also donate $5 to ABC Food Tours, a non-profit organization that provides nutritional education and resources to kids in New York.

Drink Magic Bullet To Cure Your Holiday Hangover This Weekend

Drink Magic Bullet

Magic Bulletis a healthy and tasty beverage designed to support and accelerate your body’s own process of eliminating toxins. It features a super-dose of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and detoxifying amino acids to help support healthy liver and kidney function. Ingredients including turmeric, green tea, and Schisandra Berry help reduce inflammation and speed recovery. The key is prevention because there is no cure, right? Magic Bullet works best before your evening of drinking or before you go to bed. Its natural ingredients reinforce the body’s own production of antioxidants which are quickly depleted when neutralizing alcohol toxins. Down a Magic Bullet and wake up refreshed, because who has time for a hangover! This nutritional hangover prevention is also a great mixture in cocktails, or what they call detox while you retox.

Here’s How To Cure Your Holiday Hangover This Weekend

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