Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC

Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC

There is no denying that we could all use a little help in the relaxation category. So unless you are planning a spiritual journey to Bali, the next best thing is to find a space to practice self-care in NYC. Gaia NoMaya, located in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn offers an immersive wellness sanctuary that is the perfect setting to de-stress and to embrace a collective exhale. This social wellness oasis is a one-stop destination to heal the body, mind and spirit all under one roof. It is the new spot to treat yourself in NYC as it brings people together from all walks of life wanting to connect more with themselves and Mother Earth. Experience Alternative therapies such as breathwork, meditation, and Reiki, to help you manage pain and balance your mood. If a blissful healing ceremony is not your thing, book a massage and yoga class or dine at the café to nourish the soul and body.

Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC
Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC
Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC

Their signature events including Wellness Wednesdays and Sonic Sanctuary Sundays offer the best wellness activities in NYC that combine fitness, health, wellness, food, art and music. From an opening cacao ceremony and Holotropic Breathwork Experience to a vocal Shamanic Sound bath, Reiki, and Halotherapy in a Himalayan Salt Cave, gave us enough to realize we found our new favorite sanctuary to relax and unwind.

Gaia Nomaya

510 Flatbush Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11225

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Here’s Where To Go For Wellness Activities in NYC
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