We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace

These Out Of The Box Techniques Are Great Wellness In the Workplace Ideas Worth Considering

Years ago corporate health and wellness programs primarily focused on weight loss goals and smoking cessation for wellness in the workplace. Today, program offerings have expanded to focus on more than just the physical piece of health and to incorporate mental health and well-being. This indicates that wellness in the workplace is not just a trend; it is here to stay. Thanks to the incredible amount of science and research revealing the direct connection between well-being and productivity many understand the benefits of self-care. The holidays are quickly approaching which often leads to stress. This presented the perfect opportunity for us to share surefire out of the box wellness in the workplace ideas for self-care.

Create A Botanical Oasis

We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace

Sometimes all you need is just a quiet space to take a breather. Ketel One Botanical teamed up with Homepolish to create a private space for WeWork members to help them escape for a moment. The Botanical Oasis is designed with a neutral palette and organic textures creating an approachable and relaxed atmosphere. The room is equipped with yoga mats, blocks and blankets and comfy furniture- all the things to help clear the mind and unwind.

We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace
We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace

Mix Libations With Relaxation

We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace

Vino Vinyasa merges the best of both worlds: Yoga and wine. Their vinyasa -based classes involve creative poses, wine tasting and wine education. They have recently teamed up with luxury lifestyle hotel The William Vale to offer a monthly series that involves learning and sampling a different wine each month. They have also partnered with the Loft at City Winery for educational classes complete with wine tastings and applying what you learned through yoga poses.

We Share The Benefits Of Wellness In the Workplace

Establish A Workout Routine

It can become difficult to stay motivated and exercise, especially if you travel often. Fitness app, Aaptiv creates customizable workout programs according to your goals. Choose a workout based on trainer, duration or music, then pop in your headphones and a trainer will guide you. Their audio-based format helps to reduce distractions allowing you to focus on fitness goals wherever you are.

Join A Group

Mindbodygreen is a wellness community of voices that incorporates mental, physical, and emotional and environment well-being. The online publication offers content involving classes, nutrition, beauty and encouragement that is easily accessible to help you stay connected.


New York Meditation studio MNDFL creates wellness and meditation sessions meant to rejuvenate the body and mind. Drop in for a 30-minute class or schedule a MNDFL gathering at work, school, or for a private event.

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