6 Stylish Accessories Made For A Blazing 4/20 Celebration

6 Stylish Accessories Made For A Blazing Way To Celebrate 4/20

We are going to be blunt- The Marijuana movement is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the ‘high holiday,’also known as the celebration of  4/20 arriving this weekend, we are sure many will commemorate the event’s main ritual, which naturally takes place at precisely 4:20pm. Marijuana is currently legal in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Alaska. Twenty other states have legalized medical marijuana including New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania clearing a path for a wave of products that reflect a stylish lifestyle, and way less hippie.

Historically, 4/20 was an underground holiday- a fête of all things ganga and an exercise to promote the refashioning benefits of marijuana. So in honor of the occasion, we have selected 6 high-design smoking accessories to embrace the chicest 4/20 ever.

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