The Approval Of Cannabis Is Shifting Style & Beauty To A New High

My how far we have come. What was once taboo, or teased while watching iconic stoner flicks by Cheech and Chong, is now thoroughly mainstream. As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread, it is safe to say that cannabis, or weed, is becoming as accepted as unwinding after a stressful day at work with a glass of wine or bourbon.

One of the reasons is because marijuana is a plant-based, earthy ingredient that fits into what’s happening in the wellness industry. It contains many chemical compounds called cannabinoids. There is THC the popular cannabinoid responsible for chilled out, or “high” effects like the munchies. And CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you feel relaxed and at ease without the high. Many establishments have created products or experiences involving CBD as proponents revealed it aids in relieving pain, decreases stress and improves focus. Anything from spas, restaurants, infused beverages, skincare and accessories has now created a cannabis-friendly attitude. We have listed our favorite products to help you welcome this new green movement.

Theramu Revive Eye Serum

Theramu’s revive serum involves pure CBD and emu oil formula that is naturally collagen boosting and deeply moisturizing. It addresses fines lines, dryness, and dark circles.

Dirtylemon +CBD

This elixir is inspired by the popular “pineapple express” strain of marijuana. It features a refreshing and fruit-forward flavor profile. Expect mild euphoria, full body relaxation and a clear head.

The Lit Kit

This chic kit by Kush Queen features a Love Bath Bomb filled with essential oils involving Ylang Yland and Patchouli and 25 mg each of high quality CBD & THC, 25 mg Ignite Lubricant and ½ g Private Reserve preroll cone.

The Approval Of Cannabis Is Shifting Style & Beauty To A New High

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

A sleek and portable personal vaporizer that doesn’t compromise vapor quality. The size makes it discreet, and fits easily in pocket or purse.

Cloudious9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer

A stylish vaporizer featuring a built-in water filtration system that allows the user to burn or vaporize their product.

Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird’s products are made from hemp, a form of cannabis that help you stay healthy without getting high. The collection features Hemp CBD Oil Classic, Hemp Complete, CBD Vape Oil, and Hemp CBD Capsules– for when you are needing cannabinoids on the go.

Green Helix Restoration Body Oil

This all natural and divinely scented joint and muscle pain relieving body oil was designed to combat pain while leaving skin rehydrated and protected from anti-oxidants.

Green Helix Acute Stress Relief Formula 1500mg CBD Capsules

Best for individuals that suffer from the effects of intense anxiety, stress, or fear. The formula is designed to efficiently combat the overall effects of stress minus the potential numbing side effects found with prescription pills.

Green Helix Deep Sleep Formula 1500 mg CBD Capsules

An all natural, deep sleep infusion formula that supports long lasting, deep and replenishing sleep cycles. Best for individuals that suffer from sleepless nights and/or irregular sleep patterns.

Menstrual Relief Formula 1500mg CBD Capsules

For that time of the month, this all natural infusion formula quickly and effectively offers soothing relief from menstrual discomfort and mental clarity.