These Are The Best Wines To Pour At Your Next Italian Dinner Party

These Are The Best Wines To Pour At Your Next Italian Dinner Party

There is nothing quite like an intimate Italian dinner. A multi-course feast involving a little red sauce fare. All you need to make it better. The perfect bottle of wine. If planning an Italian dinner meu, think about pairing the cacio e pepe with the ideal grape that is light and fresh, or the best dessert wine that will enhance the flavors of your Tiramisu. To help, we have rounded up the best wines to pair with Italian dishes. From a before dinner sip, to an after-dinner nip, these are the perfect bottles of wine for an upcoming pasta party.

Ca di Prata Brut Prosecco Is One Of Best wines to pair with Italian dishes

Wine To Pair With Antipasti (Appetizers)

Before dinner drinks should include bubbly. Ca di Prata Brut Prosecco is the ideal Italian aperitif. On the palate is a fine mousse leading to aromas of citrus and green apple and a dry finish. Pairs well with fish or shellfish dishes as well as cheeses and Italian salumi as the slightly sweet flavors of Prosecco compliment the assortment of sweet and salty antipasti combinations.

These Are The Best Wines To Pour At Your Next Italian Dinner Party

The Best Wine For A Primo (First Course)

A delicate Pinot Grigio pairs well with the light and fresh flavors of a typical primo. Non-meat dishes like risotto, pasta, or seafood will pair well with Barone Montalto Pinot Grigio 2020. On the palate is fresh, pleasant citrus aromas with a dry, clean finish.

For II Secondo (Second Course)

For the chicken, meat, or fish course, serve Riva Leone Barbaresco 2017. This versatile red wine known for its elegance and finesse is excellent without overpowering. The medium to deep red hue presents complex fruit, rose petal and spice on the nose. On the palate is a well-balanced and textured grape leading to a long finish.

Acquesi Asti Spumante Is One Of The Best wines to pair with Italian dishes

And For Dolce (Dessert Course)

Pair a sweet dish with a sweet wine. Acquesi Asti Spumante enhances nearly all dessert pairings. The pale gold color and greenish hue leaves a fresh, sweet fruity finish from the complex floral aromas of fresh tree fruits, honeycomb, and exotic spices.

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