This RTD Lemonade Cocktail Serves A Taste Of An Unspoiled Gem In A Can
This RTD Lemonade Cocktail Serves A Taste Of An Unspoiled Gem In A Can

This Ready To Drink Lemonade Cocktail Serves A Taste Of An Unspoiled Gem In A Can

One of the highlights of summer is sitting on a porch swing or stoop, while sipping a refreshing glass of lemonade. Spike it with booze, and you have an adult version of a lemonade drink. While many will combine lemonade with either whiskey or vodka, actually mixing both spirits with a touch of honey is the ideal lemonade concoction.
You can take a ferry to experience this perfect libation, or enjoy the experience in a ready to drink can. Fishers Island Lemonade, originally served at The Pequot, has become nationally recognized for its delicious taste and first-class quality. Originated from a family-owned and operated Inn on Fishers Island, NY, this signature drink of premium vodka, barrel-aged whiskey, lemon and honey was first served on a 9-mile island in the Long Island Sound that has a year-round population of 236.

Fishers Island Lemonade Is A Taste Of An Unspoiled Gem In A Can

Noted as one of the first premium spirit-based ready to drink brands, the craft canned cocktail highlights 9 % ABV leading the charge in the ready to drink cocktail category. RTD, or ready to drink cocktails have gained traction in recent years, for being portable, non-breakable, and suited for outdoor events and gatherings.

Flavors include Fishers Original, Fishers Fizz, a lighter, bubbly version of the original, as well as a variety pack with Spiked Tea, Pink Flamingo, and Frozen Spirit Pops. This summer, celebrate National Lemonade Day with 4-pack of summer’s best, or take the Ferry to Governor’s Island to explore the Fishers Island Lemonade Shack and order the signature frozen slushy available at Taco Vista.

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