Here’s How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home

Here’s How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home

They say that wine tastes better with cheese, which is why many summertime fetes, backyard BBQs, or any social gathering includes bottles of wine and a beautiful cheese board. Generally, wine with cheese is an enjoyable food combination due to the fats in the cheese helping to offset wine’s tannins. In particular, the flavor of the cheese accentuates the dominant savors in the wine. To help select the best cheese and wine for your next dinner party, picnic basket, or that unpredictable evening spent on your rooftop, we have rounded up the best wine and cheese combination for any occasion. For tips on how to style the perfect cheese, look to The Art of the Cheese Plate by Tia Keenan.

How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home Pecorino Romano Paired With Prosecco

Pecorino Romano Paired With Prosecco

Considered the world’s finest grating cheese, Pecorino Romano is hand-crafted from 100% pure sheep’s milk that has a salty, and sharp taste. Pair Pecorino Romano with Josh Cellars Prosecco as it features aromas of pear, green apples and citrus. Josh Cellars Prosecco is refreshingly acidic and with a touch of sweetness. Combining the salty flavors of the cheese offsets the slight sweetness in the wine.


Goat Cheese Paired With Rose

Goat Cheese Paired With Rosé

Goat’s milk is rich in minerals and less fatty, and is more perfumed. It is also more delicate because goats eat only the top of the plant, which is the most tender. Drunken goat cheese is an exceptionally creamy, bright white, semi firm goat cheese with a fruity flavor and a purple rind. Pairing it a delicate and light- bodied rosé such as Fleurs de Prairie Rosé is a unique match as the wine is filled with flavors of red fruit and lemon. In addition, the sweet creaminess and grape aroma of drunken goat cheese also makes it a good selection for desserts.


Blue Cheese Paired With Cabernet Sauvignon How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home

Blue Cheese Paired With Cabernet Sauvignon

Blue Cheese is creamy with a salty palate, and the Josh Cellars Reserve Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon is filled with bites of blueberry, blackberry, and vanilla, that are complemented by aromas of coffee, brown spice, and chocolate. The wine’s robust fruit flavors paired with the richness of the blue cheese makes the perfect combination.

Here’s How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home

Your Favorite Cheese + Sauvignon Blanc

When in doubt, add Sauvignon Blanc, it a diverse grape that pairs well with all types of cheeses. Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc is aromatic and bright with a crisp, clean finish, involving flavors of lemon, kiwi, and green apple. The floral notes, tropical fruits and slight acidity will bring out the zest of your go to cheese.


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Here’s How To Enjoy Wine And Cheese Tastings At Home
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