Want To Host A Cannabis Party? Here Are Some Tips To Throwing A Stylish Smoke Sesh

With the increasing demand of events that incorporate cannabis consumption we thought it was high time to share our tips on how to host an ultimate cannabis party. The key to hosting an extraordinary event is to tailor to your guests’ heightened senses. Remember to keep the focus on the overall user experience and you will do just fine. So here are a few tips on throwing the perfect pot party.

Set the Tone

It is up to you to curate the experience. Throwing a cannabis party is an art. Create a warm and inviting environment filled with hurricane candles, soft-blankets, and velvet floor pillows. Add stylish accessories like Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards Collection featuring coasters, catchall and valet tray. Provide downtempo steady background beats initially, and make adjustments to the playlist based on the vibe.

Fill the room with senses. Candles are nice for creating ambiance and scenting a space. We like. Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle and Boy Smells Purple Kushh Scented Candle. In addition, purchase eucalyptus at the florist. It is a crisp, natural room freshener and promotes relaxation.

Provide THC-Infused Foods

There are several cannabis cookbooks that have recipes to suit everyone’s taste buds. Try Bong Appetit– It features everything from appetizers involving pork wontons, salads and vegetables including fried mixed mushrooms, to double lemon roasted chicken as an entrée. Also Marijuana Edibles: 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts , which features cookies and bars to frozen desserts. Just make sure guests know what and how much they are consuming. Or have it catered by a company such as The Highly Personal Chef, or The Herbal Chef.

Skip The Booze

Alcohol dulls the senses. Instead create mocktails, or CBD-infused drinks like Recess Sparkling Water or a sparkling seltzer bar.

Arrange DIY Stations

Create a joint rolling station, decorated with a jar filled with pre-rolls, or a bong cart equipped with a variety of clean glass, flower strains, and other accessories to use during your cannabis party. We like Moose Labs’ Mouth Peace and Filters, Cloudios9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer, and from Vapor.com, Eyce Spoon Glass Bowl, Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, and Honeystick Bee Box Vaporizer. Have a great party!

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