Here’s Why The Best Malbec Wine Comes from Argentina.

What Every Wine lover Should Know About Malbec Wine From Argentina And Why The Best Malbec Wine Comes from Argentina

Are you known to grab a bottle of Malbec at your local wine shop, or order a glass at happy hour with friends? We are not surprised, as Malbec wine is considered one of the most popular red wines on the market, and if hosting, always a safe crowd pleaser. The key to its popularity lies in its affordability, and how well it goes with or without food. Although this full-bodied grape variety originated in France, Malbec has found a new life and is flourishing in Argentina.

For years, Malbec grapes fashioned with deep, purple intensity were primarily used in France as a blending grape to create Bordeaux. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century when a Frenchman relocated to the Mendoza region of Argentina realized the region’s hot weather and high altitude was the ideal growing environment for Malbec. Compared to French Malbec, Argentinian Malbec is fruit forward, featuring a darker, medium-bodied dry red wine with notes of dark fruits, and sweet tobacco on the nose and palate. While French Malbec is leathery highlighting flavors of tart, black plum and spice. As for health benefits, due to their thick skin, Malbec grapes have a high concentration of antioxidants that can improve cardiovascular and immune health.

Although Malbec is no longer a widely planted variety in France it can still be found in smaller regions, where it is blended with other common grapes. If looking for the best Malbec wine from Argentina to sip or serve, here are a few bottles worth adding to your cart. Cheers to a healthy sip!

Trapiche Oak Cask- One of The Best Malbec Wine from Argentina

Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec 2021

Located in Mendoza, Argentina, this grape highlight aromas of plum and black cherry notes, with a hint of black pepper. On the palate, notes of saturated berry flavors, and spicy flavor with chewy tannins on the finish.


Catena Alta Malbec Is Why The Best Malbec Wine Comes from Argentina

Catena Alta Malbec 2019

The Catena Alta Malbec illustrates a deep violet color, with blue reflections. On the nose, reveals ripe red and black berry fruits, with notes of violets and lavender and a touch of leather, spice and vanilla flavors. On the palate, is a full and rich sip with soft and sweet tannins and a silky smooth structure.


El Enemigo Malbec Is One Of The Best Malbec Wines from Argentina.

El Enemigo Malbec 2019

El Enemigo Malbec is comprised of 90% Malbec and 10% Cabernet Franc to create a rich and concentrated wine. This wine offers aromas of black fruit, cherry and dark berry fruit on the nose followed in the palate with flavors of spice, blackberry, pepper and a slight floral character. The finish is elegant and lengthy.


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Catena Alta Malbec Is Why The Best Malbec Wine Comes from Argentina
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