Dope Gifts: Unwrap These Cannabis Presents To Help Soothe This Anxious Year

Dope Presents: Unwrap These Cannabis Holiday Gifts To Help Soothe This Anxious Year

Looking for a holiday gift that will help uplift the mind and body after a challenging year? Our answer is cannabis and is on the top of our gift guide list. Hands down, it has proven to help with anxiety, depression, aches, and all your ailments. In addition, I’m sure everyone could benefit from it after this challenging year. To be clear, when someone mentions cannabis, they could be referencing to either hemp or marijuana. As we mentioned, the more it is accepted, the more it is less stigmatized. This cannabis gift guide highlights products involving CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has become a wellness powerhouse, as well as other popular plants used to elevate the recipient’s lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for your grandparents, mommy-friends, or even you, this dope gift guide has something for everyone on your holiday list.

Cannabis Holiday Gifts For The Grandparents

Willie's Remedy CBD Coffee & Tea Gift

Willie’s Remedy Coffees and Teas

Willie’s Remedy Coffee is infused with certified organic full-spectrum hemp oil, resulting in a harmonious balance of focus from the caffeine and calm from the cannabis. For the tea lover, Willie’s Remedy Teas is a great gift. The pure plant beverage brings together loose-leaf tea and select herbs and flowers. The hemp infused teas are available in soothing flavors like Hibiscus, Peppermint, and Green Tea.


High Falls CBD Starter Gift Set

High Falls Hemp CBD Starter Set

The ultimate triad to help transcend all your wants and needs and a great intro for the cannabis curious. It includes full-spectrum tincture, cbd body lotion, and full-spectrum soft gels.


Cannabis Gifts For the Mommie and Daddy Friends

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Gummies Gift

Bluebird Botanical CBD Gummies

These new CBD-infused gummies from Bluebird Botanicals offer a delicious CBD experience that can fit seamlessly into any part of your daily routine. Featuring Full-spectrum hemp extract to promote health and wellness by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.


Tribe Revive CBD Gummy Bears Gift

Tribe Tokes CBD Gummy Bears

Delicious gummies flavored and colored with organic cane sugar and all-natural juice extracts such as carrot juice, turmeric and red beet extract. Each bear has 15mg of pure CBD for easy self-dosing.


Tribe Tokes CBD Vape Gift

Tribe Tobes CBD Vape Strain

When you need a quick puff to help calm your mind, vaping is the way to go. We recommend clean vaping an all-natural, strain-specific line of vape oil like Tribe Tokes. Whether you want Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, their array of vape strains will help target what best fits your needs.


Cannabis Holiday Gifts For The Beauty And Wellness Lover

Green Roads CBD Gift Set Bundle

Green Roads CBD Self-Care Bundle

From CBD Bath bombs, to chocolate, to gummies, this is the best package to gift someone to help stay in a state of bliss and luxe for the remainder of the year.


CBD Beauty Gifts

Eossi Beauty Facial Glow Oil #8

Add this gem to their daily beauty routine for the winter. This facial glow oil is a hydrating, restorative skincare solution that includes grapeseed, vitamin E, and 1,000mg hemp-derived CBD that’ll leave your skin glowing from the inside out.


Dope Presents: Unwrap These Cannabis Gifts To Help Soothe This Anxious Year

Her Royal Hempress Chakra Body Oil

After a long bath, indulge in this luxurious Chakra Bliss Body Oil. It is infused with 400mg of full-spectrum CBD and deeply nourishes skin from head to toe, while notes of jasmine and lavender create an aura of calm.


Potency No. 710 CBD Modern Mist

Use the CBD Modern Mist as a toner, setting spray, mid-day pick me up, or as part of your cool down after workout for head-to-toe relief. Simply spray and enjoy the vibe.


Elixinol CBD Gift

Elixinol Organic Balance Tincture Organic CBD Oil

Full of USDA certified organic ingredients, this full spectrum hemp extract will help you keep on top of everything you need to do without dropping the ball.


Elixinol Hemp Balm

With winter approaching, this will be their savior. The Elixinol Hemp Balm is naturally soothing and a fantastic skin moisturizer. The nourishing essential oils, and all-natural CBD topical gives dry, irritated and aging skin new vibrancy.


CBD Beauty Gifts

Mantra Mask CBD Sparkle & Glow Kit

Treat your skin after hours of wearing a face mask with CBD sparkle and glow kit. It includes an assortment of beauty must-haves including a pore refining mask, collagen sheet mask, and eye gels.


Cannabis Holiday Gifts For the Chef

Ardent FX Decarboxylator Cannabis Holiday Gift

Ardent FX Decarboxylator

Many are spending more time in the kitchen so why not elevate their cooking experience with cannabis! This Nova FX Decarboxylator allows you to infuse, melt and or bake edibles. Create your own cannabis infused olive oil, syrups for cocktails, or bake savory treats at home.


Cannabis Holiday Gifts For The Health Conscious

The Clear CBD Gift AM & PM

The Clear CBD: AM & PM Capsules

CBD capsules are an easy and convenient process to try cannabis. Look at it as a quiet way to absorb cannabinoids without drawing attention. Just take them with water and skip the natural flavors that come with CBD oil tinctures. The Clear Cannabinoid-infused capsules are designed for AM & PM. One giving you a boost of energy for when you can’t get going in the morning, and one highlighting the combination of melatonin and CBD to help support the body’s natural processes to regulate sleep.


Bloom Farms CBD Gift Tincture

Bloom Farms Dream Tincture

Just think, dream without compromise. Bloom Farms Dream Tincture is potent hemp-derived CBN (cannabinol) combined with organically grown full-spectrum whole-plant hemp tincture. Try this when ready for bed for a boosted relaxation and sedative effects.


Cannabis Holiday Gifts For The Dinner Host

Cannabis Pre-Roll Gift Pack

Miniature Pre-Rolls

The days of puff and pass are gone so why not bring a few joints in a pack for everyone to enjoy solo. They are smaller than the typical pre-roll making it stress-free to finish. The perfect gift for those moments when you just have time for a long drag on a short joint.


Cannabis Holiday Gifts For You

Dope Presents: Unwrap These Cannabis Gifts To Help Soothe This Anxious Year

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

A high-tech, portable dual-use vaporizer equipped with innovative technologies, including an on-device dosage calculator to deliver the purest and most precise vaping experience possible.


Dope Gifts: Unwrap These Cannabis Presents To Help Soothe This Anxious Year

Urb Moon Rocks

It is so pretty that you almost don’t want to smoke them. Highlighting CBD and CBG hemp flower covered in broad spectrum distillate, covered in kief.


Urb: Delta 8 THC Caviar Cone Cannabis Gift

Urb: Delta 8 THC Caviar Cone

A Delta 8 THC Caviar Cone that contains Hawaiian Haze flower (sativa dominant hybrid) which is then covered with pineapple express terpene infused Delta 8 THC distillate and cherry wine kief.


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