The Perfect Pairing: These Red Wines Are Best With Lamb

The Perfect Pairing: These Red Wines Are the Best Pairings With Lamb

We take food and wine pairings seriously, after all, it makes sense to give as much thought to food and wine you consume, and the way it is presented. The wrong wine could affect the taste of your favorite dish, and the right one will enhance it. We know less time is often spent on selecting the correct wine especially when it comes to unique or extraordinary dishes like game, or lamb so we are sharing our best tips for pairing and serving wine this holiday season. Just remember, a less than perfect pairing will not ruin your experience, but a great one will take your dining experience to the next level. Lamb is rich in flavor, and its wide variety of preparation makes it a great food pairing with various wines.

Although you can also pair white wines with lamb, the best wines are medium to full bodied red wines with high acidity. We have selected some excellent choices for your lamb dish: From ruby reds to deep crimson, these grapes are worth a swirl and sip for a savory and memorable feast.

Gancia chianti D.O.C.G. Red Wine Goes Well With Lamb

Gancia chianti D.O.C.G.

Hailing from the rolling hills of Tuscany, where the grapes are grown at varying elevations, yields grapes well balanced in acidity, sugar and aromas. The ruby color wine involves a light-to medium body that is smooth, juicy and earthy. Pairs well with chicken, cured meats, duck & game bird, lamb, pasta, and pork.


Tbilvino Saperavi 2021 Red Wine Goes Well With Lamb

Tbilvino Saperavi 2021

Georgian Saperavis are renowned for their deep color and tannin structure. These hand harvested grapes highlight floral aromas alongside bold flavors of forest fruits. Notes involve flavors of dark fruits, cherry, blackberry, plum, spices, and licorice. It features a well-rounded palate with an elegant, fresh finish. Pairings include game meat, stews, roasted lamb and pork, tomato-heavy dishes, hard cheeses, and oyster mushrooms.


Yalumba Y Series Shiraz-Viognier 2020 Red Wine Is Best With Lamb

Yalumba Y Series Shiraz-Viognier 2020

Yalumba Y Series captures the energy of Yalumba’s vineyards and the authenticity of their wines, resulting an exotic Turkish delight twist on Australia’s favorite grape variety. Tasting notes involve cherries, boysenberry and hints of white pepper and violets. The full-bodied palate is structured by rose petals, chocolate and cherries. This wine pairs well with beef and lamb skewers, or Moroccan dishes, sausages and chili.


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