Davinici Has The Perfect For On The Go

We Found Sleek And Discreet Vape Pens That Are Perfect For On The Go

We have noticed the rise of normalization and social acceptance of cannabis in the past few years. What was once considered stoner, is now quite glamorous with many luxury cannabis boutiques popping up all over the country housing everything from metallic vapes that fit in the palm of your hand, to pre-rolled joints packaged in jewel boxes. Vape pens and vaporizers have revolutionized the way individuals consume cannabis and smokable CBD. These devices allow for discreet and easily portable consumption wherever and whenever.

We have rounded up a selection of small vape pens and devices to suit your lifestyle. Everything from a sleek pen, to colorful options that add a little flair, here are the best vape pens to try.

Davinici Has The Perfect For On The Go

DaVinci IQ2

Vape in style with this high-tech, portable dual-use vaporizer equipped with innovative technologies (like on-device dosage calculator) to deliver the purest and most precise vaping experience possible.

Buy It: DaVinci vaporizer

Kandypens C-Box Pro

Available in five stylish colors including rose gold, gold, or red, shows that cannabis accessories can have a little flair to them. It features a 510-threaded battery and includes two magnetic adaptors that attach securely to your liquid concentrate cartridge or tank.

Buy it: Kandypens C-Box

G Pen Vaporizer

G Pen is known for creating tiny, versatile, and powerful vaporizers. They are the perfect device for beginners as they are pretty straightforward and equipped with a one-button control.

Buy it: G Pen Vaporizer

The Vape Saber “Keybox” Flip Battery

This sleek vape conceals your cartridge and flips out at the click of a button. Available in silver and gold, it keeps your mouthpiece clean, and prevents it from breaking in your pocket. It also features a built-in charger so you don’t have to worry about carrying a USB.

Buy it: Vape Saber

The Tribe Mini

Created by Tribe Tokes, this adorable device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket, highlighting the most powerful battery yet. The ideal size to stash in your gym bag post-workout, or clutch for nights out on the town.

Buy it: The Tribe Mini

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