Celebrity designer Mark Zunino weighs in his plans for the holidays and his secret to creating dream dresses for women

Celebrity designer Mark Zunino

The Social NY caught up with designer Mark Zunino to discuss his amazing year starting with the opening of his new atelier in Los Angeles, dressing Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, revamping his website, to creating romantic gowns for brides to be. Who knew the California native who studied business and architecture would become the preferred designer for celebrities to wear on the red carpet!

The Social NY: Did you ever think your career trajectory, as an advertising major would lead you into becoming one of the most sought-after designers?

Mark Zunino: Never! I had no idea “life” had a different plan for me, however, I’m beyond grateful!

TSNY: What is your secret for making every woman look and feel amazing in one of your designs?

M.K.: I design from the inside out, focusing on reshaping a woman’s body to make her feel and look her best.

Celebrity designer Mark Zunino

TSNY: Where do you find inspiration?

M.Z.: My inspiration comes from EVERYTHING around me. I guess you could say from visual awareness.

TSNY: You also design bridal for Kleinfeld’s -have you noticed a market shift to a “casual bride” as more brides are heading to the courthouse or the beach for weddings. What are your thoughts on this new bride?

M.Z.: My bride is definitely more progressive, not so traditional, modern and independent. She looks for something unique.

TSNY: So 2016 was a wonderful year for Mark Zunino: Your new atelier, creating custom costumes for Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Tour, the capsule collection- What are your thoughts for 2017?

M.Z.: I’m looking to grow the label, giving more girls the opportunity have the clothes only my selective private clients have been able to wear, up to this point.

TSNY: What are your plans for the holidays?

M.Z.: My holiday wish is to be able to spend some quiet time with my family and my dog. If that is able to happen, I’ll be a very happy guy!

Celebrity designer Mark Zunino

Celebrity designer Mark Zunino

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Hees


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