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Max Brenner Celebrates 20 Years Of Chocolate

Max Brenner Celebrates 20 Years Of Chocolate

Call us obsessed with giving an experience as a gift this year instead of unwrapping a scarf , which is where Max Brenner comes to mind. Max Brenner, or affectionately known as Chocolate by the Bald Man, is the answer to our holiday gift guide for cocoa lovers. The retailer offers a whimsical range of chocolate and fused novelties in a cozy, Willy Wonka chocolate factory styled ambience as an alternative to a stuffy or intimidating boutique.   It began in Israel in 1996 as a small retail model with a focus on the sweet treat as an experience, and not just for taste.

Now, Max Brenner has grown into a chocolate culture, with over 50 locations around the globe for haute chocolate inhabits.  We recently celebrated Max Brenner’ 20th Anniversary at a private gathering, or should we call it a “holistic” chocolate adventure. I call it an invitation to a private love story. If you have a sweet aficionado on your holiday list, here are a few items they should definitely experience.

Classic Chocolate Martini– It is so addictive and delicious. I believe I had 3! Just like a martini- shaken, not stirred. Yet this is infused with Absolut vanilla, milk and white chocolate, crème de cacao and garnished with a chocolate dipped strawberry.

Max Brenner Classic Chocolate Martini

Hug Mug– Oh yeah, it is a ritual! The hug mug especially designed for the hot chocolate drinking ceremony. Grasp with both hands to conceive the ultimate experience of coziness and warmth.

Max Brenner Hug Mug

Crepe Brûlée- This decadent crepe is filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and sliced with bananas, chocolate chunks and chopped hazelnuts. Chocolate ganache, choco-pops and dulce de leche ice cream are available for serving.

Max Brenner Crepe Brûlée

Alice Cup. Like the menu read, this is the ultimate milkshake cup. It is inspired by Alice’s adventures in wonderland, with one side of the cup labeled, “Drink Me”.

Max Brenner Alice Cup

Chocolate Fondue Tower– Perfect for sharing, roast a fluffy chocolate sponge cake, or marshmallows over your own grill and dip into a pure a warm bath of chocolate.

Max Brenne Chocolate Fondue Tower

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