Private Policy Men’s RTW Spring 2018

New York Men’s Day: Private Policy Men’s RTW Spring 2018


Designers Haoran Li and Siying Qu unveiled their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Trinkets. Trinkets serves as the inspiration for Spring in an effort to express that small things can indeed reflect the big picture when viewing the current political climate. Private Policy intends to be a gatherer, accumulating bits and pieces of ordinary American life in contrast to the impression bound by politics and media. The brand, which is known for having a genderless streetwear aesthetic, drew Native American elements in button downs and vests in fresh patterns and prints. There was also evidence of western influences found in Private Policy’s signature wool fabrics revamped in denim jacket and pants. To complete the looks, wallet chains and hangtags are featured in a capsule collection with phrases of whimsy, pride and fun. The trinket charms serve as a way of linking together the team’s vision and as a method to express their views and wants for America.

Photo Credit: Shxpir Huang

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