‘Let’s Fly Away’ was the inspiration for  the Naadam Fall 2015 collection, a men’s and women’s cashmere line and  Matt Scanlan’s first fall collection. Sustainably sourced cashmere for the Bayangovi region of Mongolia created a casual but luxury travel look.

Long oversized cashmere dresses and cropped military quilted coats for women fell into place with ethnic jewelry to finish a high-end fall look. Add  cashmere and you can board your flight in pure luxury and style.

Pops of color, army fatigue prints, toggle sweaters/coats and hat were all for the men. Whites, cream, navy and red all came into play in the assortment. Who doesn’t like a leg warmer? This collection was a visual masterpiece and one to desire for next fall. Naadam’s first fall collection makes you excited to see more from the brand.  BRAVO! BRAVO!