Curlfest Reshapes Everything You Needed To Know About Natural Hair & Black Beauty

Curlfest Reshapes Everything You Need To Know About Natural Hair & Beauty

Over the last decade, the natural hair movement has grown making it easier for women of color to connect with their peers.  It created a greater opportunity for women to exchange tips, swap products, share stories, and to learn more about black beauty.  One of the most successful organizations that have created an event to celebrate natural hair and all of its beauty is Curlfest.  Curlfest is an extravaganza that flips the false narrative around unruly brown beauty.

The all day glam event features exclusive experiences and the opportunity to stock up on goodies from the industry’s largest beauty brands and hard to covet products including Tropic Isle, Carol’s Daughter,  Target Beauty, and Shea Moisture. In addition, Curlfest highlights brand activations, music, dancing, beauty demos, style, shopping, and more. Now celebrating its 5thanniversary, the aim is to shed some light to the next generation of women and girls that whether fair-skinned or dark, straight haired, curly, or kinky, beauty has many faces.  The event brings over 30,000 attendees in fabulous curls, coils, twists, locks, braids and fades to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  Notables include Curlfest Founders, beauty influencers and experts, Michaela Angela Davis, Spike Lee, Shelah Marie and Dapper Dan.