Gizmo Knows The Best Halloween Wines For A Party

How To Throw An Adult Halloween Party ? Add Halloween Themed Wines!

There is more to Halloween than sweet treats. Of course, the strategically placed pumpkins, and the right Halloween decorations can get you in the spooky spirit, but if you are planning on hosting a soiree or need a delightful drink while handing out trick or treat candy, make sure to include wine! Too often we are stuck thinking that Halloween parties imply a sacrifice of style and taste in the spirit of plastic skeletons and ghoul. Therefore, we are here to help guide you on how throw throw an adult halloween party. In addition to festive decor, create the perfect lighting, and a dynamic Playlist. From Halloween brunch parties to a Monster bash involving DIY dessert bars, charcuterie boards, and unique drinks, these Halloween themed wines from Chronic Cellars help put a refined twist on traditional décor and treats while remaining chic. As a result, sparkling wines and intriguing blends are made with character creating a chill vibe and adventurous flavor profiles to deliver a thrilling experience.

Add These Halloween Themed Wines To Add To Your Grown-Up Bash
Sparkling Wine Is One The Best Halloween Wines For A Party

Chronic Cellars Spritz & Giggles California Sparkling Wine

Crack a smile and spritz your senses with bright citrus and playful notes of crisp pear. While many sip a red grape on Halloween, there are those that would prefer to tickle their palate with a Chardonnay based sparkler. This one involves flavors of pears, apples and fresh baked bread along with citrus, floral and spice notes.


Chronic Cellars Are The Best Best Halloween Wines For A Party

Chronic Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Sir Real 2019

In their quest of always keeping it real, Chronic Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon highlights gallant layers of black cherry and mocha, lunge through to a fearless finish.


Halloween Themed Wines To Add To Your Grown-Up Bash

Chronic Cellar Purple Paradise Red Blend 2019

This red blend involving 70 % zinfandel, 17% petite sirah, 9% Syrah, and 4 % Grenache, burst notes of juicy blackberry, dark cherry, and a touch of mocha.


Celebrate Halloween With The Best Halloween Wines For A Party

Chronic Cellars Suite Petite Sirah 2019

A red displaying all class and a little sass. Sip back this wine of blueberry notes and a zing of fresh cracked pepper.


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Halloween Themed Wines To Add To Your Grown-Up Bash
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