Get On The Best Dressed List With Our Accessories Guide For Prom

Get On The Best Dressed List With Our Accessories Guide For Prom

Shopping for prom dresses and jewelry to match can be a difficult task for young women. The plethora of options can increase your confusion. Once you find the perfect dress, it is time to build your look. Keep it in mind that the right accessories are necessary to elevate your prom dress.
Selecting the perfect frock is just half the battle. Next, you will have to consider hair and makeup, shoes, and accessories to complement your outfit/outfits for the night. Whether your dress is short or long, sporting a pantsuit, or romper, you will need distinctive accessories to complete the look. Keep it in mind that balance is key when selecting jewelry for the affair. Consider earrings, bracelet, rings, and necklaces.When selecting jewelry, consider elements from the dress. If your prom dress has pearls, beads, sequins or other embellishments, go for similar color tones and sheen while choosing jewelry. For a glitter free dress, the choices are endless for any type of spark.

Prom Tiaras and Headbands

Consider your face, dress, and hairstyle while choosing a tiara. The right prom accessories can elevate you to a romantic, sophisticated and elegant look. A stylish tiara will look stunning no matter hair length. If wearing a crown is not your thing, you can replace it with a jeweled headband or a sequined hairpiece.


Selection of earrings depends on the details of your hairstyle and dress. If your gown has heavy embroideries and decorations around the shoulder and neck area, select small and delicate earrings. Moreover, you can wear bedazzled earrings for a strapless, classic gown.
Your hairstyle should not compete with the earrings. They must complement each other. For example, if your hair is curly, choose earrings that can stand out and hold without any support. With glamorous and glittery earrings, keep your hair simple and use minimal accessories. If your earrings are clean and simple, you can choose a dramatic hairstyle. Do not overdo your hair because it may distract the beauty of your dress. Select vibrant earrings for a solid or a neutral tone dress.


You can choose two types of necklaces for prom night: maxi collars with glitter and rhinestones and subtle choker necklaces with gems and pearls. Carefully select the size and length of necklace. A longer necklace is good with prom dresses having deeper necklines. If your dress has a straight or higher neckline, you can wear a choker or short necklace. With a strapless dress, you can choose bold necklaces.

Prom Bracelets

Wear a stylish bracelet with a unique finish for a sleek and balanced look. Detailed dresses need simple bracelets. Balance your bracelets, rings, and necklace. So if you have an embellished necklace, select delicate bracelets and rings. Avoid blingy rings and pendants with heavy bracelets.

Prom Shoes

If wearing flats, pay attention to details and lavish embellishments. Shoes adorned with pearls, rhinestones, sequins, and bows are great options and can complete your look. Try to balance your necklaces, hairstyles, and earrings to complete your look.

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