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Songstress Claire Mortifee Dishes 5 Healthy Habits That We Should Adopt Today

Songstress Claire Mortifee Dishes 5 Healthy Habits That We Should Adopt Today


Canadian- bred Claire Mortifee’s social calendar is jammed pack this season. The singer/songwriter recently launched her debut album, Medicines, and is on the move making appearances in NY, LA, London and Toronto. Influenced by Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Grimes, her melodies are powered with jazz and electronica fusing elements of pop to help set the tone. When she is not busy promoting her latest single, Ouroboros, the songstress is practicing healthy habits that we should apply to our daily lifestyle. Claire is a Reiki Master/life coach, which explains her poise and demeanor especially with her thrilling agenda. She encourages her audience to embrace self-compassion, or as she describes it, “whole-hearted, shameless self-love for everything you are in this moment.” We sat down with Claire as she led a yoga session in Manhattan to discuss her daily habits and the message behind Ouroboros.

The Social NY: What do you love about yoga and coaching? Where do you practice it?

Claire Mortifee: I love remembering parts of myself that I had forgot existed. Often, after all of the bending, lengthening and sweating, my awareness of both my physical and emotional bodies is so heightened that I actually develop a deeper relationship to my true experience. I become more present.  As for coaching,  it’s just such a privilege to witness the journeys of those around me. Being entrusted with their personal experiences – and then offering them a deeper view into that experience through compassionate questioning – is one of my all time favorite pass-times. 😀 I practice wherever spirit may lead me.

TSNY: What inspired you to practice yoga and incorporate within your musical career?

CM:  My mom has been teaching yoga out of a beautiful little studio in her basement for over 8 years…she was definitely my main inso for blending yoga asanas into my self-care routine! Plus I’ve always been inspired by Hindu philosophy and spirituality…so it felt natural to incorporate these medicines into my offerings as a singer and healer.

“>Songstress Claire Mortifee Dishes 5 Healthy Habits That We Should Adopt Today


TSNY: Tell us the message behind your upcoming single?

CM: The symbol of the Ouroboros – a snake eating its own tail – appears in Indigenous cultures on every single continent. For me, it mirrors that each death my ego undergoes is also inevitably a rebirth. From those ashes, newer + more authentic Selves blossom. That’s how the Ouroboros heals us…by reminding us that we are sacred at every stage in our evolution. We are loved, and we are lovable, no matter what.


TSNY: What are 5 healthy habits you can adopt today that’ll help you feel amazing


  1. Start your days with 5 minutes free-Write,  articulating every glorious emotion, situation, and experience you want AS THOUGH IT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING. Really feel into it! Let that joy envelop your heart.
  2. Smoothies, bro! Toss in spinach, kale, bananas, blueberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, cacao, dates, and ginger – and then fill all the cracks with almond milk and love. Blend. Enjoy.
  3. Take a moment for yaself. Download the free app “Insight Timer“; choose your favorite nature sound, and chill ouuut, darlin! I recommend 5 minutes to start with, then slowly work your way up from there, as it feels right. I struggle with anxiety, and in my experience, there is simply no substitute for meditation.
  4. At least once every day, look into the eyes of that human in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Even if it feels awkward at first, this is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Keep on it.
  5. Last but not least! Look at puppy videos. I’m serious. Just do it.

TSNY:  What are your plans for the spring/summer?

CM:  I’m going to be offering a series of singles, music videos and other expressive ratings in hopes of giving others the opportunity to connect more deeply with themselves and each other. I’ll be bouncing between LA, NYC, Toronto and London singing, creating, and continuously expanding my own consciousness. Plus of course practicing those 5 habits!! (Don’t forget the puppies tho) If it calls to you, follow along on instee + twitter at @ClaireMortifee ~ can’t wait to meet more folks on this tip along the way!!!

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