Beauty Hacks To Make Your Shave Last Longer

Your Shave Will Last Longer With These Awesome Products

With the warm weather quickly approaching, the need to wear tights and pants everyday will soon become a thing of the past. Now that skirts and thigh-baring shorts will appear in heavy rotation in our wardrobes, we have to decipher methods to keep our skin smooth and hairless. Smooth legs are amazing, but the upkeep can be nerve wrecking. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind for your spring/summer beauty routine.

First, Exfoliate. When you exfoliate, it brings hair out of the follicle to help strands get on the same growth cycle. Skin is silkier and results in a closer shave.

Next, Try Using A Brush. You don’t see the barbershop using hands to apply shaving gel to a guy’s face, right?   The closest shave is achieved with gel/cream and a brush.

Select The Best Razor. All razors are not alike, so it is crucial to opt for the best one suited for your needs. Whether your skin is dry or sensitive select a razor that matches your skin concern.

Stay Hydrated. We love Shaveworks Pearl Luxe Hydrating Body Lotion because it includes essential oils that help keep the skin well nourished and soft. Added bonus- it includes ingredients such as Capislow™, to slow down hair growth and bisbalol to reduce inflammation and minimize itching and flaking.

Or, Try An Alternative. If you are exhausted of shaving and or waxing, there are other options including laser hair removal or a less painful method, sugaring.

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