The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

The Best Whiskies To Drink On National BBQ Day

May 16 marks National BBQ Day, or celebrating the beginning of summer and firing up the grill to create dishes that make the most of the season’s most cherished ingredients.
Whether you prefer to use charcoal, wood, or gas to bring out those specialty flavors and sauces, make sure to add whiskey to your menu. After all, it is the best spirit to complement a hefty, smoky slab of meaty goodness. And besides, nothing says summer barbecue like smoke, spice and sauce. If throwing a party this summer, or just looking for a good spirit to go with your GrubHub or Doordash order, we have listed the best whiskies to drink with BBQ. We have suggested few different expressions from around the world that have their own equally delicious flavor to contribute to the cuisine of your choice this season. From a peaty whisky that will enhance the earthy -charcoal flavors in smoked meat, to a fruity full of flavor single malt that will work well with grilled vegetables. Here’s to celebrating city summer BBQ!

The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

Knappogue Castle  Marco de Bartoli Marsala Cask Finish 

This limited release is made exclusively from malted barley and distilled in copper pot stills.  It is matured in bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years, then aged in casks from the Marco De Bartoli winery.  On the palate is a juicy, savory and light taste with hints of fruit and dry oak.

Pairings: Chicken and Steak

The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

Benriach 10 Year Curiositas Peated

Featuring a crisp, summer gold hue, this expression involves notes of fresh green orchard fruits, ginger and hints of tangerine that mellows to creamy vanilla.  On the palate are warm toasted oak spices that flood through green apple skins and dried apricots.

Pairings: Coleslaw and Baked Beans

The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

The GlenDronach Original Aged 12 Years

 This richly sherried Highland single malt Scotch whiskey presents sweet fruits, walnuts, dark chocolate that leaves a spicy with medium length and a dry finish.

Pairings: Burgers, Steak, Ribs

The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked  

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is an ultra-premium sprit in the core line of whiskeys.  It is twice barreled in White Oak where it is uniquely toasted and charred to create an expression rich in flavor and color, and then undergoes a process that creates notes of honey, cream and vanilla.  It is perfectly designed to enhance any and all food flavors.

Pairings: Any and Everything!

The Best Whiskies To Drink This National BBQ Day

Starward Nova Australian Whisky

 A decadently fruity and full of flavor expression. Matured in red wine barrels for shiraz, cabernets and pinot noirs, the palate brings bright aromatic notes of red berries, orchard fruits, vanilla, caramel and soft oak spice.

Pairings: Grilled vegetables, Steak, Brisket, Sausages

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