We List 5 Reasons Why Should Go To The U.S. Open

We List 5 Reasons Why Should Go To The U.S. Open

If looking for a great summer sporting event in New York City, there are various options that may come to light. An argument can be made, however, that the U.S. Open tennis tournament held every year in Flushing Queens is the most prestigious competition that comes to the city. The last of the four professional tennis “Grand Slam” events brings the core of the tennis season to a close, and always attracts the best men and women players in the world.  If you’ve never made it out to Flushing Meadows for the tournament before, we have listed five reasons why you should go.

1. It Features The Largest Tennis Stadium On Earth

Truth be told, the real joy of the U.S. Open is exploring the grounds and taking a look at all of the different stadiums. There are several large stadiums, many smaller and more intimate ones, and for that matter many fans actually flock to the practice courts to try to get up-close looks at some of the best players in the world. That said, the Arthur Ashe Stadium is the main stadium of the U.S. Open situated in the center of the action, and the most impressive venue within the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
With a capacity over 23,000 it is recognized as the largest tennis stadium in the world, Featuring packed crowds, incredible night sessions, and a brand new retractable roof, it is simply a memorable place to see a match.

2. Tickets Are Quite Affordable

To be clear, there are many ways to attend the U.S. Open that could be very expensive. For instance, on Ashe night a decent seat can easily cost $300 or more, and lower level seats are very exclusive. But don’t let that scare you! Attending the U.S. Open with a grounds pass (which gives you access to every court except for Ashe Stadium, from morning until early evening) can cost $65- $75. A great value when you consider you could experience close to 7 hours of action and all the matches you can handle..

3. It Might Be The “Most Fun”

Each of the Grand Slams of tennis offers something unique. The Australian Open is sometimes viewed as the most laid back or well rounded. The French Open offers the unique style of clay court tennis and the chance to be in Paris. Wimbledon is generally viewed as the crown jewel of the tennis calendar, and garners the most attention. Although at the time of this writing it’s mid-March and commentary and betting opinions are already circulating for Wimbledon, with one review stating plainly that it’s the oldest and most prestigious tennis event in the world. That really can’t be debated.

But for pure enjoyment, the U.S. Open takes the cake in a lot of tennis fans’ eyes. New York fans (and really plenty of tourist fans) are known for being lively and louder, the venue is a little bit bigger, and there’s an air of pure festivity to it all. Combine that with celebrity-watching, players embracing the spirit of New York, and the longest and most thrilling night sessions in the sport, and you’ve got a very fun event.

4. There’s A Resort-Like Atmosphere

Resort-like doesn’t seem quite right, but theme park misses the mark also. Suffice it to say, there is a general sense of entertainment and festivity that spreads out across the U.S. Open grounds, regardless of whether you’re actually sitting and watching a match. There are multiple bars and restaurants across the grounds, food trucks occasionally roll into certain areas, and the main dining pavilion includes kiosks with all kinds of exciting international foods. Throw in the various courts, different apparel shops and miscellaneous fan experiences, and there is a little of everything at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

5. The New Grounds Will Be A Marvel

Last but not least, the grounds have been renovated and improved upon, with the Ashe roof finished, a new Grandstand court added, and Louis Armstrong Stadium, (the second largest on the grounds) rebuilt with its own roof. This will give the tennis center a different look and feel for those who have been before, but it should also make it one of the most beautiful, state of the art sporting venues in America.

-Isabella Mayer

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