work sense

Now with a simple whiff you can work, rest, and play with ease thanks to XSense, a new line of concentrated scents created to improve and enhance one’s daily activity. Formulated for men and women Xsense encompasses natural oil ingredients, which advance the productivity to help you work better, play harder, and rest easier. The new line is available in three products: WorkSense, to help increase accuracy and efficiency with tasks, and allow improved retention of information. PlaySense is intended to improve endurance and speed and RestSense, to enhance relaxation and reduce stress. XSense works by applying it directly under the nose to deliver a high concentration. And since it is just a scent, other perfumes or colognes can be worn at the same time. Since the aroma is applied for only the user to smell, it is undetectable to others. XSense is available in a variety of sizes including a deluxe sample pack of 3 multi-use vials for $14, a 0.03 oz. roller applicator bottle of each scent for $45, or a 3 pack 0.3 oz. bottle of each for $95.