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This NYC Fast-Casual Eatery Serves The Pan-Indian Eats

This NYC Fast-Casual Eatery Serves Pan-Indian Eats

With the success of establishments including Chipotle and Sweetgreen gaining popularity means that fast-casual restaurants are in high demand. They appeal to the growing consumer interest for meals that are quick, inexpensive, and healthier than traditional fast food eateries. Introducing Dalup Modern Indian, the new fast-casual restaurant serving delicious, and healthy eats on the bustling streets of Chelsea. Located at 350 7th Avenue, Dalup Modern focuses on a lighter and more contemporary version of traditional Indian fare.

This NYC Fast-Casual Eatery Serves The Pan-Indian Eats

This NYC Fast-Casual Eatery Serves The Pan-Indian Eats

The menu, created by Bravo’s Top Chef alum Dave Martin, balances classic Indian fare while keeping it fresh and on trend for all diners from across the world. Signature dishes include Dalup Naan Roll, created with house-made Naan bread and antibiotic-free Chicken Tikka Masala that is cashew milk-based, a build-our-own “Veggie Karma” bowl with freekeh, and Korma Curry, a coconut milk-based dish filled with roasted cauliflower, chickpeas and tomato chutney, all under $13.

“Born and raised in Southern India and now long time New Yorkers, we wanted to create a warm and welcoming eatery offering modern Indian cuisine. We wanted to keep the authentically bold flavors, but focus on making it light and fresh with everything prepared in-house. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the talented chef Dave Martin who is staying true to the classic flavors of the regions, while adding creative and modern twists to our favorite dishes from India,” noted Nat Loganathan and family, owners of Dalup.

This NYC Fast-Casual Eatery Serves The Pan-Indian Eats

To maintain its authenticity, Dalup Modern Indian utilizes specialized equipment to bake their Naan bread and their grilled kebab-style meat featuring chicken, pork and lamb. They also feature a robotic Dosa machine that makes the extremely appetizing and relatively light dish on order. All spice blends, curries and chutneys are made in-house, and meats are locally sourced from vendors who support sustainable and socially responsible production.

Start with a salad, or create your own classic masala dosa with your choice of curry and sides involving turmeric potatoes, roasted gold and red beets, or fiery gobi.

Dalup Modern Indian

350 7thAvenue

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