New York City’s top vintage store, What Goes Around Comes Around has partnered with Rialto Jean Project, the Venice, CA based denim brand specializing in hand-painted vintage denim with a philanthropic approach to produce a Spring 2015 custom denim collection. What Goes Around Comes Around is the exclusive retailer allowing customers the option to craft their own unique and fresh pair of denim by selecting a favorite vintage denim, and have it custom hand-painted from the Rialto Jean Project design menu. Established by Erin Feniger, Rialto Jean Project features vintage Levis that are sourced from flea markets and wholesale lots. Feniger methodically paints and treats each pair of denim, one-by one. Rialto Jean Project has a steady fan base with includes Oprah Winfrey, Gwen Stefani, and Gisele Bündchen. A portion of sales from the What Goes Around Comes Around x Rialto Jean Project will benefit innovation art therapies in children’s hospitals.

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