Top 5 Beauty Tips to Beat the Cold

Top 5 Beauty Tips to Beat the Cold


Spring is less than 3 weeks away so there is still plenty of time to alter your beauty regime and have you glowing once the warm weather arrives. Old man winter has wreaked havoc on our skin and hair but thanks to our friends at EcoTools® we have their 5 beauty tips on getting fabulous and ready for spring!

Tip #1 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!  Moisturizing is a key factor in combating dryness. It has been recommended to select a quality lotion and use it daily to put much-needed moisture back into the skin. Try using EcoTools Dual Sided Body Buff before applying lotion.  The gentle exfoliation will aid the skin in holding moisture longer.

body buff

Tip #2 Break Away From Breakouts

A well-known fact, dirt and oil can clog pores and lead to blemishes. To prevent unwanted blemishes and maintain a healthy complexion use EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge.

pure complexion sponge

Tip #3 Upgrade Your Body Wash

Soaps and gels containing fragrance can leave skin feeling dry. During colder months switch to a super rich, moisturizing body wash and lather with the EcoPouf® Delicate Bath Sponge.

ecopouf bath sponge

Tip #4 Help Out Hair

Winter can leave strands dry and fragile. Treat tresses to a nourishing hair treatment once a week to beat dryness. A deep conditioner or hair oil treatment weekly will encourage healthy hair. Try the EcoTools Shower Cap & Storage Case for deep treatments or to protect tresses while in the shower.

shower cap and storage case

Tip #5 Step Up Your Foot Care Regimen

Your pedicure appointments were not as frequent during boot season however they still need TLC.  The harsh temperatures can promote chapping and cracking so indulge in an at-home pedicure with soaking feet in warm water to soften calluses, then use EcoTools Foot Brush & Pumice to gently exfoliate.  Make sure to trim nails and pretty the feet with one of spring 2014’s new colors.

foot brush & pumice

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