In Addition To Cocktails Irish Whiskey Has A New Fanbase Looking For The Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Neat

In Addition To Cocktails Irish Whiskey Has A New Fanbase Looking For The Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Neat

We know rating the best Irish whiskey to drink straight can be subjective as it really depends on personal taste preference, however we can all agree Irish whiskies are known for their smoothness and flavor complexity, making it an enjoyable spirit to sip neat.

With tasting notes involving fruit, vanilla and honey, and a long and storied history dating back centuries illustrates how Irish Whiskey continues to be a beloved spirit. It was one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe. The country offers verdant farmlands, countryside castles, classic gastropubs and small batch distilleries. Recently, there has been a growing awareness for Irish whiskey driven by the expansion of expressions and style from the distilleries. From distilling three times, to aging in wooden or oak casks has produced a new generation of whiskey drinkers including wine lovers to the spirits complexity and versatility.

Below is our list of The Best Irish Whiskey to drink neat that highlights attention to detail and a taste that rivals the world’s greatest scotches, bourbons and whiskeys. These expressions and styles have demonstrated Irish whiskey as a versatile spirit both alone and in cocktails.

In Addition To Cocktails Irish Whiskey Has A New Fanbase Looking For The Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Neat

Proper No Twelve Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

Proper No. Twelve’s Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey is an ultra-smooth blend of golden grain and single malt with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood for a rich complexity. The result, a smooth balanced whiskey with hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood.

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

The craft spirits distillery located in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains features a globally awarded, single grain whiskey that has been aged twice; first in American oak Bourbon barrels and then in Spanish oak Oloroso Sherry barrels. While the Bourbon barrels presents a sweetness and smooth vanilla notes, the Oloroso casks brings a layer of dried fruit and Spanish oak spices.

Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Neat

Bushmills Irish Original Whiskey

Bushmills is perhaps the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, Established on the northern coast of Ireland in 1608. Bushmills Origianal is a smooth and versatile triple distilled blend that has been matured in both bourbon and sherry casks resulting in fresh fruit and vanilla note.

Roe & Co Blended Irish Whiskey

Roe & Co, a new contemporary blend, inspired by the once world-famous George Roe & Co Distillery in Dublin. Made from the finest hand-selected stocks of Irish malt and grain whiskies, aged in bourbon casks results in a luxuriously smooth blend and harmony between the intense fruitiness of the malt and the mellow creaminess of the grain whiskies.

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