Mosketto Frizzante Sparkling Wines Are Safe Low Alcohol Wine Bet

These Low Alcohol Sparkling Wines Are Better For You

We know wine has long been a staple in households with many leaning on it more than ever this year. The growing wellness trend is to reach for a healthier pour and moving towards lighter wines involving a low ABV, (alcohol by volume). Sparkling wines are at the top of the list, as they are lower in alcohol than many still wines, but yet high in flavor. Whether you prefer a white, red, or rosé we have listed some enjoyable low-alcohol wines that are delicious and designed for easy sipping.

Mosketto Frizzante Low Alcohol Sparkling Wines

Mosketto Frizzante is refreshingly sweet, and versatile with a balanced taste, creating a pleasant premium alternative to Moscato. Mosketto is the product of aromatic grapes and pleasant bubbles, from the Piedmont region in north-western Italy. The vineyards are located on a hilly ridge that goes from Acqui terme to Santo Stefano Belbo, reaching an altitude between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. The different microclimates affect the selection of the juice resulting expressions of perfumed aromatic varieties. While some may serve Moscato as an aperitif, or after dinner with dessert, these three wines will pair well at the table for any occasion.

Low Alcohol Wines To Sip
Mosketto Delicate Sweet Low Alcohol Wine

Mosketto Frizzante Bianco

Fresh, sweet, persistent, wine with pronounced aromaticity. On the nose is a sweet and inviting scent of fruit, white flower, and a touch of rose. In addition to the classic accompaniment with dry pastries and dripping with cream, it lends itself to pairing it with very spicy seafood dishes. Alcohol Volume: 5%


Mosketto Delicate Sweet Pink Low Alcohol Wine

Mosketto Frizzante Rosato

Highlighting a variety of Moscato and Brachetto, this fresh, sweet wine pairs well with pastries, spicy Thai food and pizza. Alcohol Volume: 5.5%


Mosketto Delicate Sweet Low Alcohol Wine

Mosketto Frizzante Rosso

A fresh, soft, full-bodied, dense, wine with a strong red fruit aroma. Pairs well with dry pasty and dripping with cream, as well as very spicy dishes, blue cheese and fried dishes. Alcohol Volume: 5.5%


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