We Selected The Best Rosé Wines Under $25 For All Summer Gatherings

Here Are The Best Rosé Wines Under $25 For All Summer Gatherings

There is no doubt a chilled glass of pink wine especially this time of year feels so right. Perhaps it has to do with the various shades of pale peach or raspberry blush. Whether delicate, or bursting with fruit make no mistake: Adding the best rosé wines to a rooftop party, beach house, picnic or fill in the blank summertime gathering is a no brainer. There is a reason summer is nicknamed Rosé Season. Although rosés can be sophisticated, age-worthy, expensive, and perfect for refined patio sipping, a nice bottle certainly does not have to set you back. We have rounded up the best rosé wines worth grabbing for all of your summer gatherings. From crisp and refreshing a Pink to blush toned Sparklers and portable sips, you will have no trouble selecting the best rosé wines no matter the occasion.

We Selected The Best Rosé Wines Under $25 For All Summer Gatherings
Rotari Brut Rosé Is The Best Rosé Wines for Picnic Season

Rotari Brut Rosé

This elegant rosé is made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, that were hand selected, made into wine and then processed according to the champagne method. The result, aromas of red fruit complex with white fruit and pineapple. The delicate and fragrant bubbly has a soft structure with lively acidity and minerality making it a nice aperitif, and also pairs well with seafood.


Art of Earth Rosé Wine Is The Best Rosé Wines for Picnic Season

Art of Earth Rosé Wine

Originated from the south of France, Art of Earth organic Rosé is made from dry farmed old vines displaying a classic salmon color characterized by fruit forward aromas of strawberry and raspberry. It is light and aromatic offering the perfect balance of refreshing acidity with delicate fruit sweetness.


Acquesi Brachetto DOC Is The Best Rosé Wines for Picnic Season

Acquesi Brachetto DOC

From the world renowned Cuvage winery in Acqui Terme in northern Italy, this sweet sparkling red wine is fresh, soft, and balanced with a delicate aroma of red fruits including strawberry, raspberry, honey and baking spices.


Fete des Fleurs Rosé Is The Best Rosé Wines for Picnic Season

Fete des Fleurs Rosé

Salmon pink in color, the Fete des Fleurs Rosé is grown in Provence and is made in the traditional way with characteristics involving tart red fruits, wild berries, and brioche. Not only is it perfect as an aperitif, but it is one of the few wines that pairs well with spinach and asparagus.


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