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The Best Natural Beauty Products That Respond To What Your Skin Needs

Wilde Gatherings Offers The Best Natural Beauty Products

Philadelphia-based skincare line Wilde Gatherings has a simple mission: To achieve a balanced relationship between body, mind and spirit. Their intention is to increase one’s awareness, and to take notice and respond if the body is out of balance. Your skin is unbelievably vocal, and will alert you when life, the environment, hormonal changes, or even if your diet has created an imbalance.

Wilde Gatherings beauty line offers an assortment of products that are comprised of natural, raw and organic herbal ingredients that are quite receptive to what your skin actually needs as it needs it.  The line is designed to allow an individual to customize the response to the skin’s needs at the moment for balance.

The Best Natural Beauty Products That Respond To What Your Skin Needs

One of my skin concerns is premature aging so I usually look for beauty products that target this area. After a week of using the Anti-aging cleanser, my skin is refreshed and I have a natural glow immediately after each use. The cleanser is powder based, with ingredients that include turmeric, lavender, and lemon and is very simple to use. Add 3-4 shakes of the powder into your palm and sprinkle warm water to form a creamy consistency. Massage onto skin for 30 seconds and then rinse.  You can also leave it on for 5 minutes as a mini-treatment.

To complement the cleanser, I tried the Sweet Blend #8 Aroma Mist. It is so awesome that I carry it in my purse since my skin gets a little parched in the afternoon. The mixture of rose water, vanilla, sandalwood and pumpkin seed oil keep me calm and glowing throughout the day.  Wilde Gatherings is available online and at Anthropologie.