Artistix Spring 2017  Kicked Off Day 1 of New York Fashion Week: Men’s

Artistix is a one of kind brand by Greg Polisseni and Andy Hilfiger. This unique collection was created in the fall of 2012. Polisseni found his true passion during his childhood while creating original artwork and then decided he wanted to merge his love of fashion and art together. Andy Hilfiger joined Artistix to provide his thirty-five years of knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry. Hilfiger got his start while working for his brother Tommy Hilfiger and has since launched brands for Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine. Artistix’s mission is bringing fun, edgy, distinctive vibes to life.

The power duo debuted their Equality collection, which blended worker chic and New York City street art. Models were strategically draped in Artistix’s signature splatter art in hues of blue, black and white.   The presentation was divided into two levels. Upon entering the upper level models shined from the perfect lighting peeking through from the outdoor terrace. Guests were ushered in, as they were shown models wearing white printed label jackets, chic coveralls, classic sport coats and white denim jackets enhanced with the Artistix signature splatter art.

On the basement level guests were greeted with light refreshments of white wine and champagne. The presentation turned from day to night with energetic models dancing on platforms to bass filled house music. Seen on model Rudy Dean Akers the black denim jacket with printed sleeve and collar, white printed shorts and Artistix underwear.

Models wore combinations of black printed t-shirts, unique pullovers, and painted leather pieces. The music was pumping as guest looked at the street inspired attire.

-Symone Simon

Photo: Jason Konrad