Target Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Style

Naomi Watts
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This month Target celebrated its golden year by hosting an exclusive event to say thank you to its friends and partners throughout the decades.  The celebration held in Chelsea at Center 548 included notable celebs such as Naomi Watts, Tony Bennett, Shaun White, and Soleil Moon Frye.  Guests bopped to tracks spun by Life of the Party DJs Harley Viera-Newton and Brendan Fallis. To close out the evening, in true Target fashion, guests were surprised with a special a cappella performance by Alicia Keys.


Soleil Moon Frye
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Tonya Bennett and Josh Groban
Photo Credit: Getty Images for Target

Speaking of Partners, Target and Neiman Marcus announced to press earlier this year their innovative partnership that would bring together 24 of the most talented designers in America including Jason Wu, Rag & Bone, Oscar de la Renta,  and Tracy Reese to create a limited-edition holiday collection.  The holiday collection will be presented at all Target and Neiman Marcus stores as well as online at and beginning December 1st.  The limited edition collection will include a mixture of more than 50 gift- giving items varying in price from $7.99- $499.99.  To celebrate the partnership, Target and Neiman Marcus are donating $1M to the CFDA, (Council of Fashion Designers of America), to continue their commitment in to cultivating design talent.  All 24 designers are members of the CFDA.  




Campari Unveils 2013 Calendar Starring Penelope Cruz

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We learned this summer Penelope Cruz partnered with photographer Kristian Schuller to create Campari’s 2013 calendar.  The Campari calendar, which has become a collectible due to its limited edition quantities and guest lists of notable stars and photographers has certainly created a following across the globe.  In 2012, we discovered, “It’s The End of the World Baby!” starring Milla Jovovich, shot by Dmitri Daniloff.  And now, the wait is finally over.  Campari is scheduled to reveal the 2013 calendar next month at an exclusive affair in Milan with Cruz, Schuller and few Campari friends.  Guests will observe the final  images, as well as the  theme and fashion.  We were able to snag a few photos to give you a little behind the scenes glance before the official unveiling on November 13th.

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Alice + Olivia Spring 2013



This season, Stacey Bendet took the Alice + Olivia Spring 2013 collection back to the 1950’s with party dresses and flirty skirts in bright colors shown in a blue lace sleeveless dress that is guaranteed to become a girl’s favorite, or the cherry blossom organza party dress ready for play.  Also noted are  fairytale like evening gowns in sequins, iridescent shimmer, lace and feathers. Oh my!

Christian Dior Spring 2013


The show we have all been waiting for!  Raf Simons did not disappoint the fashion crowd with his Spring debut at Dior at the Hotel National des Invalides. The dresses were sexy in iridescent fabrics in pastels, with a hint of citron, and fuschia.  The collection included not only dresses for nights out on the town but also for the day with suiting in charcoal gray, and black adding an update to the Dior use of chokers by styling models with ribbons around their necks.

90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1050_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1049_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1048_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1047_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1046_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1045_SS13_HC_944x1419  90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1043_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1042_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1041_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1040_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1039_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1038_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1037_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1036_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1035_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1034_SS13_HC_944x1419  90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1032_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1031_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1030_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1029_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1028_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1027_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1026_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1025_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1024_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1023_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1022_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1021_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1020_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1019_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1018_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1017_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1016_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1015_SS13_HC_944x1419  90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1013_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1012_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1011_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1010_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1009_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1008_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1007_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1006_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1005_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1004_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1003_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1002_SS13_HC_944x1419 90@169@CHRISTIAN-DIOR_1001_SS13_HC_944x1419

Exhibit A Pop Up Shop


This week Exhibition A staged a group show for the Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Council and they have decided to extend their hours so guests may stop by this Saturday from 12-6PM to  view a choice of recent prints for purchase.

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